Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Pearlville, Unspooling, Abandon Normal Devices.

This is the next thing I'm doing. A piece of work called Pearlville for a show called Unspooling at the Cornerhouse (curated by Mssrs Bracey and Griffiths) All connected up with another shadowy organisation called AND. And another blog, just when I said I would never do another one (inevitable Jaws and Sean Connery references).
On the first of August I will be locked in an art factory in Salford making at least one film a day for two weeks. My film factory, modestly named "Pearlville", is shamelessly inspired by the improvisational nature of the early days of film. It will be an extension of my existing Automatic filmmaking work but with a wider approach. Preparations are beginning, I have some explosives, a wetsuit, and an oversized dinner jacket.

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