Saturday, 31 July 2010

The security camera opposite my desk regularly pans across the length of my flat as it turns from watching Orwell Place to Tacket Street. I wonder what it captures as it does so. A naked dash to the kitchen? Nose picking? The flickering of my video projector? Last night, to get in the mood for the mission ahead I watched From Russia with Love with A. It was only, I think, the second Bond and was low on gadgets. In a panic I bought a few more gadgets today, including a movement sensor, some large balloons (hardly gadgets I know) and a clockwork snail. 007 himself seemed far more vulnerable than later outings, relying mostly on luck and the help of others. I need to finish my packing now (clothes mainly) and practice hefting my many bags. I hope the circle line is running tomorrow otherwise I am in for a very painful cross London experience.

Other news:

The first draft of my novel is now proofed and at the printers. I can expect a dummy copy within a couple of weeks.

I have applied for an animate commission offering them a film made from the cutting room floor of Pearlville. I am not sure how the judges will take the offer.

I purchased a number of buildings (models) for experimental purposes. I hope M likes them.

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