Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Spent the morning at my studio packing things into a large case. Had a brief worry about squeezing fireworks next to a sparking laser gun, a canister of helium, a box of matches, fifty ping pong balls and some liquid nitrogen. The case is, apart from being my equipment for Pearlville, a physical parallel to my mental state. On Sunday I am to catch the early train to Manchester for 14 days of intense film making. Before then I have a number of small tasks to complete. I am trying to edit my previous blog in order that it will be fit for publication and in the hope it will be ready before November as I hope that it can be part of my show at Tap, Southend. I have just heard that my presence might also be required at the next London Art fair and new work must be made very soon. A curator of video events in France has also asked that I send her some work. I wonder if she remembers that I did do just that a few years ago and suffered a rejection. Also this afternoon I received an interesting proposition from the curator of Wilmore House, wherever that is.

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