Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Watched Orphee last night and was much taken by the special effects. Especially the use of reversed shots and projections. I feel certain I should be able to shoehorn some of these ideas into my residency work. I have a few plans but much will be left to chance and desperate measures. My time today has been roughly divided between more packing, editing my "novel" and answering emails. After that I spoke briefly to Monika to outline my plans for a series of sculptures involving planes crashed into buildings.

I am to be met at Picadilly Station and driven on to the mill where my work will begin. At present I have a large hardcase on wheels, a reinforced attaché case for my electronic gadgets, a laptop bag, camera bag, and a trunk containing the necessary attire for an extended operation. (one piece terry towelling bathing suit, dinner jacket, panama hat etc).

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