Sunday, 7 November 2010

Email sent today at 15:23

Programme: Grants for the Arts
Name of Applicant: Alex Pearl
Reference Number: 15884589
Name of Activity: Operation Pusscat

Dear Mr Gauld
I am writing for additional feedback on my failed Grants for the Arts application. It was rejected on the grounds that I was asking for too much money. While it would be impossible to deliver a scheme on the scale of "Operation Pusscat" at such a reduced budget I was wondering if the arts council would be interested in the slaughter of a lesser number of artists. For example I believe I could deliver the Gala event Hosted by Michael Aspel (or perhaps Jim Bowen) for £100,000. This would result in the removal of at least 100 top British artists. Or alternatively I could probably get rid of 1000+ lesser Northwest region artists for a similar price. I propose that either project could be called "Operation Kitty".
Please tell me what you think
Yours sincerely
Alex Pearl

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