Wednesday, 3 November 2010


The fog of insanity descends upon me. Unhappy with my progress, Doctor M-S has signed me off work for a further two weeks and doubled the dose of my medication. I am preparing myself now for another week of recurring side effects. Happy in my lair, however, I am determined to keep active, not with my sniper rifle or endless twitter watching, but with constructive activity. At the moment I am packing for the move to a new abode, a house on the other side of town. The simple act of sorting and boxing is a relaxing and therapeutic pursuit, though I find myself getting distressed at the amount of stuff Miss Dover and I have accumulated during our 9 month sojourn in The Unicorn and am only able to do a little before returning to the sofa for  lie down. There are other things to keep me distracted. I have the show at TAP to prepare for and have been asked to write a piece for the upcoming "Family" edition of Garageland and, next week, Monika Bobinska will be visiting my studio to select some things for the London Art Fair in January. At this moment I don't really feel like doing any of this and Miss Dover keeps asking "where's the ...." and unpacking my boxes. As she potters round, scattering my good work to the four corners of the flat I have been checking Statcounter for Arts Council activity. Apart from unexpected visitors from Moscow and Israel their has been one other unusual visit: a twenty hour stay by the Greenheys data centre in Salford. Is that the Arts Council? have they put the KGB and Mossad onto me?

We still haven't filmed the tumbleweed so it sits incongruously in our studio waiting to be set free.

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