Monday, 8 November 2010

Short Update with fluff

I have completed another fluff drawing. This one (though smaller than the others) was made from the leavings of two t-shirts. It took about a minute to complete which is my record to date. Tomorrow I plan to wear a new red t-shirt. I have high hopes that it will produce some exciting fluff.  The flat is nearly packed and much of our unwanted possessions have been donated to the charity shop below. Unfortunately on my final trip down (with an old mirror) I entered to find one of the ladies carefully removing a mouldy bird feeder (with fat balls) from a bag which Miss Dover had brought down earlier. Backtracking quickly, still holding the mirror I returned with sheepish mien to my lair. The lair is nearly packed up though, as yet, we have failed to retain the services of a van driver for the move and neither of us are feeling particularly strong at the moment. 
No news from the Arts Council yet though I do notice, as I sit at my laptop, that the spooks at Greenhayes Data centre have been rooting about my website again. My suggestion that I refocus my project on the Northwest region did not go down well in certain spheres (the northwest) and I now fear reprisals.

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