Friday, 5 November 2010

Writing under the influence

The letters shift treacherously in front of my eyes. Here, in the last days of my residence in the eyrie that is my lair, I am trying to write an article for Garageland. The theme of the magazine is to be family and I am trying to hold (like water in my hands) a number of ideas. These include the formation of family at The Foundling Hospital in the eighteenth century. The idea of a constructed artistic family created by Hogarth and other artists. (that lead to the formation of the Royal Academy) My memories of Oliver! A sixties revisiting of a Dickensian discourse on family (with songs).
Artists' communes, The romance of wanting to be an orphan. And... The way in which contemporary artists create families through social exchange. I think what I mean by this is that I've often noticed that artists projects often encourage (often temporary) families to come together through some sort of artistic interaction. They seem to me like orphans finding or constructing a family around them. Hmmm. HELP!

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  1. Ah this makes sense. It's definitely happened in my experience, and similarly to a 'normal' family, there are members you more strongly connected to than others, often being the ones where the connection stays around after, in the case of temporary arrangements, the event has taken place. There are many parallels I think.