Saturday, 6 November 2010

The Letter

I have been outside! Miss Dover and I visited our new lodgings on Anglesea road. Situated at the smart end of town, I believe we will find it a very different experience to our current situation. However, the house is not quite ready yet as it's owners are still battling with the geological scale of things left by it's previous inhabitant. At home the lair too looks as if it has been ransacked and I have lost some of my will to tackle it. Yesterday's letter from the Arts Council still lies unopened by my laptop. I cannot put it off any longer.

Well I am not surprised but to be rejected because I asked for too much money seems weasely. At no point did the online application software inform me that £2,000,000 was too much to ask for. How could I be expected to deliver such an ambitious scheme for under £100,000? The disposal of the bodies alone would cost more than that. I see my next port of call is feedback from a Mr Gauld. I intend to prepare an email immediately.

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