Friday, 12 November 2010


Yesterday I received feedback from Mr Gauld at the Arts Council. It has raised me from several days of torpor brought on by lack of sleep. I have pasted  the body of the text below.

As our guidance explains, permission is required in order to apply for more than £100k (or in the case of national activities, £200k).  To give you the context, the average grant awarded in 2009/10 was £23,544.  A request of £1.8m would be truly exceptional and to be honest, given the budget available and demands for funding, it is highly unlikely that we would be able to support such a request.

A smaller amount might normally be more feasible, but I’m afraid you would not be able to apply for funding towards Operation Kitty or any similar project.  I have been advised of a number of serious legal implications from financing such an activity.  Therefore the Arts Council could not support the slaughtering of artists, regardless of how much it may be in the interests of artistic merit.


From this letter I understand that the Arts council is most afraid of the expense and legal ramifications of my project. I suppose this is ever the case with a publicly funded body and I may be forced to look for private money. At the moment I have other things to concern me as I must juggle: a sick Miss Dover, House moving, an exhibition set up, my own poor mental health and three practically simultaneous private views.

Wish us luck

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