Wednesday, 11 August 2010

The editing is more or less complete with 18 films on my hard drive. My thoughts have now turned to how the work will be shown. The plans so far are that a room will be built on the second floor of The Cornerhouse. That a Neon sign declaring "PEARLVILLE" will be placed flickering outside the room. That the room will be filled with old television sets and supporting furniture and that all the films will be played at once each vying with the other for attention. All I need is a room, a sign, television sets, dvd players and furniture.

As is usual I completely forgot to take production stills while making Pearlville (largely due to boyish excitement) So this afternoon I was forced to make a series of faked publicity images (some are below). As is usual with these things they show shots I would have liked in the actual films but somehow they never appeared.

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