Monday, 23 August 2010

I am very very tired. The reason for my lack of sleep last night was a precipitous return to work. The annual recall to the office always seems too early after an adventurous summer and this year has been no exception. Many of my colleagues (more eloquent than I) have taken to referring to the office as "The Shitter" a name that seems to have stuck. One of my first tasks this morning, after the usual welcome back meeting, was to arrange some time off to return to Manchester for the install of "Unspooling". This is not usually too difficult a task as those in the Shitter are always keen to give each other a leg up. Unfortunately the week I need to escape coincides with the first real teaching of the year and I face leaving my eager neophytes with a note saying "back next week". The fear in these situations is not that they will be missing out but rather that they might have a better time without me. Otherwise things are progressing well. I am half way though burning the DVDs and have begun the arduous task of thinking up titles. I don't intend to put them on the films but like amnesiac foundlings I think they should have a name of some sort. Miss Dover (after a Bloody Mary) has been a great help although some of her suggestions have been a little wild. "Coconut Corkscrew" especially so.

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