Wednesday, 18 August 2010

The last two days have been taken up burning DVDs for Unspooling. each of the Pearlville films must be looped several times with varying volumes to allow them to come in and out of aural focus (I think I made this up) In reality as they are all different lengths and I have no desire to get into the drudgery of precise cueing sometimes they will all shout together or all whisper. Whatever happens I am sure it will seem planned though I do fear for the sanity of the invigilators. I also made a trip to the studio yesterday armed with a can of expanding filler. I had hoped to conjure something magical with a few well aimed squirts but as usual my manual skills did not quite match my imagination. It is fearfully sticky and sloppy stuff and my studio now has fungal growths where it previously had not. Still I made a couple of sculptures which I hope M will like

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