Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Yesterday started badly and ended mediocrely. The middle went well. I was full of excitement because my Helium arrived early transported in an unmarked silver van by a man who would not have looked out of place in GBH (the Twemlow straight to video spectacular). It was not long before I had a camera floating on a large balloon and was making plans to allow it to float gently around the mill. I set it on the spiral staircase and turned back to check reception. All was well it had accosted a young lady on the next floor and was drifting slowly downwards.

Then without warning the balloon gathered speed. Twisting violently in the grips of an unseen force it headed towards the light and the signal was lost. Dropping the receiver I ran down the stairs but it was gone floating across Salford. I gathered Mr Bracey, Mr Griffiths (returned from a yurt in wales) and Miss Dover for a search. But the only evidence we could find was the following image posted later on Twitter.

Later filming went better. Though more than once I had to dive to stop my backup camera following its predecessor. There follow a few images from the so far unedited footage.

The day ended with a little light entertainment at The Cornerhouse. Miss Dover and I managed to acquire complementary tickets for Gainsbourg mainly by mentioning names at random until the vendor recognised one and was hypnotised into handing them over. Giant puppets apart, it was a drab monotonous film in which the protagonist certainly had a lot more fun than the audience.

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