Wednesday, 11 August 2010

I am reading two books at the moment. I should be preparing for tomorrow's talk at the Cornerhouse where I have to do a presentation. It is only 20 minutes (the presentation) so I have been frantically cutting down my usual talk. Anyway the two books are: "The Lost World of Cliff Twemlow" and "Live and Let Die" Actually I have stopped reading the latter due to the embarrassment caused when reading it in alone in a Manchester restaurant. It was racially more than a little dubious to begin with, but when I turned the page to a new chapter entitled "Nigger Heaven" I felt as if a neon sign had lit above my head. My ensuing panic as the waitress appeared to take my dessert order caused my already wobbly table to buck spilling at least 50ps worth of my Martini. Hopefully Twemlow's lost world will prove to be safer.

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  1. Hey get on with your presentation preparation! Only joking... sarah!