Sunday, 22 August 2010


It is astounding the number of spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, formatting gaffes and just plain bad writing one can squeeze into a document of 40,000+ words. On Friday I spent a full day in a London café marking up such errors in my so called novel. I have no doubt I have missed many more but quite frankly I've had enough. The final draft has been despatched to the printers, everything is now beyond my control.

This shelf in a local charity shop cheered me up no end. I am thinking of slipping my book in for a photo op.

Miss Dover and I have had a number of other deliveries at our Ipswich flat. These have included a number of books and DVDs, a golden falcon, a number of pendants with kittens on them, boards and oil paint, a garden shed, garage and telephone box. The hairdressers below who receive most of these parcels for us are beginning to look harrassed.

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