Sunday, 15 August 2010

We are home now listening to a karaoke sounding rendition of a Rolling Stones classic emitting sporadically from the local pub. The lifestyle here is very different from that at Islington Mill and to some extent Miss Dover and I miss it. At our talk in the Cornerhouse Annex Mr Moisander and I were asked about our feelings about the Mill, we paused. This is not to say we had a bad time, we did not. We had a fabulous intense time and were looked after impeccably and generously by our hosts: Mr Carlin, Mr Campbell, Mr Bracey, latterly Mr Griffiths and also Miss Perks, Mr Harold, Miss Chan, Miss Leech and the other members of the team at Cornerhouse. But we did create for ourselves a sort of living hell. Here and now after a long sleep and a hot bath I am almost at last relaxed and beginning to pick up the strands of other projects and the loose ends that will need to be tied up before Pearlville can be unveiled.

Going through my photographs I have realised that I missed out many things in previous reports. I shall catch up with these details over the next few days.

This image of Mr Bracey's studio at Suite doesn't quite pick out a series of cutout images from saleroom catalogues. Throughout the two weeks he would always be just coming from, or just going to attend to these intricate images.

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