Monday, 18 October 2010

From the sick room

I have started to think of my flat as a tower, a place of refuge from the world far below. Unwilling to go out, I have started to make work here with the limited resources available. This video is a test for a piece for The Count of Montecristo, I hope to recreate it at Rogue Project Space and film it in location. I have also had a good deal of time for reading. After watching the Assassin/Art collector of the Eiger Sanction I was delighted to discover Brian Aldiss' An Age which features a time travelling Artist/Assassin. I wonder how many more multitasking artists there are in fiction and whether any of them provide a viable model for survival in difficult times. An Age is a bizarre book with many worrying aspects, by the end of it I thought I might be mad. The time travel all occurred entirely in the mind, with travellers appearing like ghosts in the Jurassic, Cretaceous or Victorian eras. In the end I was taken with the protagonist's discovery that, contrary to popular belief, time is running backwards.

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