Thursday, 28 October 2010

Secrets and Lies

The AA has sent me an invoice for the sign which is to be placed outside our show at TAP in November. This is very exciting as I assume this means there has been no opposition from the council to our offering trips to the moon. Recently Miss Dover and I saw a holiday advert inviting travellers to join in a "search for the northern lights". No doubt it was worded in this way to avoid litigation should the lights fail to appear. We are now thinking of offering a similar holiday experience in Ipswich and wonder how many would join us on such a jaunt. As I am still largely trapped in my lair I have begun a series of drawings of the fluff from my belly button. It varies greatly depending upon my attire. I hope to show them as part of "The Island of True Stories" a group show at the Phoenix, Exeter which is made up of artists represented by Wilmore House. Here are three I made recently (they are very difficult to photograph)

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