Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Venlafaxine Works

I have had notice to quit my lair. The design company that lives below has expansion in mind and so I have a month to find new lodgings. Miss Dover and I have felt safe here and are sorry to have to move. we have our sites set on a lovely, if eccentric, house in a quiet part of town. At work HR has begun to take an inordinate interest in my illness. I am to keep them updated with my progress. So this morning I sent in a list of my latest symptoms. My first report included the following:

"I am still getting less than a couple of hours sleep a night, am constipated, have anxiety attacks when I think of college, dry mouth, loss of appetite, dizziness, no get up and go, wind, gas and sexual dysfunction"

I am looking forward to giving my second report tomorrow. 

As mentioned before I have been pottering about between bouts of staring boredly  at twitter. The results are no doubt products of a disturbed mind.


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