Friday, 22 October 2010

Pots of Gold

Mr Bracey raised some interesting questions yesterday. I had been slightly worried about the effect of budget cuts on my Arts Council proposal. However, our brief conversation helped me put those worries aside. I must crack on.

Andrew Bracey How will the cuts affect your arts council application? You might have to trim down that prize fund by 30%
Alex Pearl I believe my project will have the full backing of the Bullingdon Boys, I think I might even get a little extra.
Andrew Bracey If you can make it carbon neural there might be another pot available too from the green bank?! 
Alex Pearl Bodies to composting rather than landfill? 
Andrew Bracey You can't consort meat really-attracts errant foxes and wild boar, back to drawing board on that one I reckon. Perhaps rather darkly my immediate thought is crush artists bodies and create tidal energy with the alone seeping out! 
Alex Pearl Hmm and foxes and badgers aren't too popular at the moment. I like the tidal idea!
Andrew Bracey Got it! Arts council needs to cut admin by 50% work this into your proposal and not just focus on killing off artists. They will make you a lord. 

To counter any down turn I have entered a piece of work for the Saatchi Showdown and bought a lottery ticket. Miss Dover and I spotted this sign the other day. There is hope. I hope

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