Wednesday, 20 October 2010

A Werewolf in London

Last night Miss Dover dreamt of the two Jeremies raising fears that I may need to search for a new girl soon. But today she has an appointment with her supervisors and, keen that I shouldn't stagnate in my lair, has brought me to London with her. I am now faithfully sitting in a café awaiting her post congregational arrival. I have not been here the whole time. Rather nervously I have braved the streets of London (skirting their edges, staring straight ahead). I went to see Bettina Buck at Rokeby in it's new home on Hatton Wall. The pills must be working because, when faced with a locked door and a discrete buzzer, I pressed that button. A voice said hello and buzzed me in. I shouldered the door shouting a strangled "thank you" too late and stumbled down the stairs. For a person nervous that the whole world might be about to fall about his ears Bettina Buck's precarious constructions are not comfortable viewing. Deflation, noisy collapse and uncontrollable excretion are her stock in trade. Each piece having a cell like simplicity and a hollow disappointment that I love. Time to up the dosage. I ran from that place, someone called "thank you" I replied "argle" over the other shoulder and stumbled up the stairs. I hope Miss Dover turns up soon.

Bettina Buck, "In Shape In Control" 2009

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