Tuesday, 21 September 2010

"Bond shot straight into the screaming mouth"

I have sent a large email containing images of recent work to M, no reply. I also heard that my (admittedly shambolic) application for an Animate commission has failed. On top of this the young security guard at work today was such an officious idiot that I turned around and went home. I would have liked to have karate chopped him in the neck but couldn't summon the nerve. Instead I took one of my growing collection of bikes off into the countryside. This bike (as yet unnamed, although Bernard is favourite) is, or as I write was, largely untested at speed since I put it together last week. The steep descent from the Shotley peninsular soon put it through its paces and apart from a tendency to swerve due to an over tight headset (I think) It only caused me to scream a little.

It is only a week now until I travel to Manchester.

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