Monday, 6 September 2010

Easy Tiger

I have turned my mind to a search for a suitable nerve agent for my project. This is the area that I think will be most difficult to price for my grant application. Making too detailed inquiries early on in proceedings may make the purchase of such agents in the future. I have found a quite useful pamphlet online. Authored by the CIA, it runs through various types of nerve agents and goes into some detail as to their manufacture around the world. I think in the end I will just have to make a best guess as to costs for the application and include a significant contingency in case of unforeseen expenses. I have managed to obtain the email of Tony Blair's office and am considering asking him for advice on where to find such chemical weapons. I am also considering raising the entrance fee for the open exhibition to £20. Obviously this is a sharp hike (though still on a par with many similar open call competitions) but I am drawn to the symmetry of the idea that their fee will pay completely for the disposal of their bodies.

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