Friday, 24 September 2010

'The Doctor's Wind"

Two letters in two days. M replied (as she often does) just when I had reached my lowest ebb. It seems that the London Art Fair hangs in the balance and will go ahead (with myself included) if her present venture goes well. It seems I am to experience, directly for the first time, an outcome based on the resilience of the art market. Will the economic crisis have affected art collectors significantly enough for them to keep their Coutts cheques unsigned? If they do, four artists will not go to the fair.

The second missive, from Mr Bracey has put my mind at rest in regard to the set up of Pearlville at the Cornerhouse. Apparently my room is already painted and a range of televisions will be arriving today. Really I did not expect anything less. It is still raining in Ipswich but there is a fresh breeze animating the trees outside my window.

This is the second "badlands" film

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