Thursday, 23 September 2010

"The Undertaker's Wind"

It is raining upon Ipswich's grey slate rooftops. In this weather they take on a grim heaviness. Or it could be my mood. This morning I awoke to discover my Bank had failed to stop a standing order to my old landlord and I was £450 poorer. Thankfully while I slumped listlessly o the sofa the inestimable Miss D brought her not inconsiderable skills to bear and I have been promised a cheque in the very near future. After a light luncheon of Sainsbury's sushi and coffee she also ushered me to sign on at a new doctor's surgery in the hope of getting me medicated at the earliest opportunity. I am to see Corita (the exotic nurse) for a preliminary checkup on the 5th. No news form M or B but I have been in constant contact with Miss Shelley who is preparing some sort of web presence for Pearlville. Soon I will be in Manchester again. Action and purpose will do me good.

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