Wednesday, 22 September 2010

"Good show. According to the CIA she's a corker."

Sarah sent me my instructions this morning. I was to upload an array of video files to the Wesendit site. I have exceeded the fair usage policy on my tmobile dongle so I had to get all the work done before 4pm when I am restricted to basic browsing only. I calculated that the files would take about four hours to upload over the 3G network, plenty of time. I began the process at ten after a breakfast of scrambled eggs toast and coffee. It is now 15:32 and the work is done. Mr Bracey has gone very quiet but I am unwilling to interrupt him as he is no doubt in a panic getting ready for Unspooling. With over 20 international artists involved I do not envy him and the redoubtable Mr Griffiths. I was very excited to discover this (entirely by accident). If it doesn't play follow this link .

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