Monday, 13 September 2010


Two joyous dawn events to gladden my heart! The orange bags have arrived! In addition to this, Miss Dover informed our downstairs neighbors that their waste is blocking our courtyard (by email). This morning she received apologetic reply and a promise that the mendicant cleaner responsible will be "corrected". I am so relieved as the bags and boxes are beginning to backup to an alarming degree. Meanwhile at the studio I found myself getting more and more carried away with the expanding foam filler. I have always struggled with these sorts of diy substances. Fillers, grouts, sealants etc have a tendency to escape me, adhering to every surface except the intended. There is a sort of domestic excess at work here, like the chocolate pudding in Woody Allen's execrable nightmare Sleepers. I phoned home last night and talked to my father of hotels, gardening gloves and postcards. My mother (in the background) commented that I also need to apply more punctuation to my writing.

No news from Mr Bracey.

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